Acoustic Demos

by Modus Operandi

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These are just a few demos to some songs I've been writing. I have plans to expand on them and hopefully create some full band arrangements, but I've been sitting on these for so long I figured I'd give people a taste of what I've been doing musically. They're SUPER rough and I recorded them on a whim in my parents' kitchen, so don't be expecting a masterpiece. I hope you enjoy these songs regardless, and I'm super appreciative to all of the support I've gotten this early on. A big reason as to why I'm even releasing these tracks in the first place is to hopefully kick start something bigger and better.


released September 28, 2014

Sean Ruona



all rights reserved


Modus Operandi Ypsilanti, Michigan

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Track Name: Trust Song
Advice I’m given never quite applies. I sleep with one or both eyes open at night because I don’t believe half of the bullshit that I hear. I elect to reject what is near and dear from the ones that I despise. I trust you as little as I trust myself. To let it go, forgive but not forget. Because I’m so goddamn bitter that it keeps me up at night. I’ve held a grudge since two thousand and fucking two. Well I can’t help but feel tension, concentrated and immobile because blood is thicker than water, I feel I’m stammering trying to carry on. Because in these depths we’re treading, and I for one am dreading the awkward confrontations between the ones you used to trust who decided you weren’t worth it. So here’s to my old friends, my landlord and stadium budget towing. My almost sister-in-law, and my old boss. (He’s such a dick!) Well I don’t need them to stand on my two feet, though I would be a liar if I said it wouldn’t be nice to be needed.
Track Name: Houses Like Homes
Put up your guard unless you’ve never even put it down at all. Some of us were conditioned to expect just a little better. Some of us base everything off doubt. Because all I do is complain in my head while I take long drives from point A with no B just to see my way right out of here to the home I wish I had, something more than four walls to surround myself. I’m always looking for excuses to leave. I’m always short of something or got someplace to be, or sometimes just a change of scenery so maybe in a week I’ll come crawling back. Have you ever pretended that everything was better than it seems? Yeah, take it from me man, I’ve always got a lot to say. But instead I just talk too much, fake a smile, and try to catch up. Because small talk’s not exactly small, it’s a day to day transcript between beautifully flawed strangers regardless of who knows who. Sometimes I don’t feel like I know anyone at all. Because identities are trite, and names are gibberish. Still, I’m so glad that we’re acquainted. And I’m sorry if I forget to say goodbye. I’m always in a rush to leave, even if I’ve got not place to be.
Track Name: Gray-scale City
So far this year, nothing terrible has happened. But I still put up my guard because the winter doesn't treat me very well. Or maybe it's just my own lack of year end closure from another twelve months spent putting off the few things that'll shape me into a decent human being. Because we're all snowed in for a quarter of the year, I've got so much to think about because I haven't left my home, and now my home feels more like an overnight sentence casting me off into a monochrome world that I don't understand. I guess it just comes with the territory. And maybe it's just January talking, but it feels like the Midwest is taking everything from me. When December rolls around I think about the time I almost died, and I think of those of whom who did not survive. And I think of those of whom I hadn't seen since I had something more to offer than trivial complaints of weather and complacency and the lack of will to persevere because I've barely left my home. And now my home feels more like an overnight sentence casting me off into monochrome worlds that I don't understand. And when that gray-scale city melts I'll take some solace in knowing that I've got more places to go. I've got a one way road, I've got a distant town, I've got some floors that I can sleep on. But most of all, I still have a home, even when it feels like those walls are closing in, I'll ride my bike and I'll head for the hills. I'll find someone to talk to, I'll a find a distraction from this monochrome world that I don't understand.